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You saw it, now play it!

Posted on: April 15, 2009

Godfather-II gives cursing games a new platform!

For all those Godfather fans, great news stumbled across when EA Sports launched the sequel to Godfather-I.  With many new additions and character customisability options, the game has slightly tweaked itself from the previous version. The gameplay, too, has added few more vistas and a free-roam-around layout.

With more and more films getting translated into games, Godfather II becomes one of the few movie-games to have a sequel as well. Godfather I, though a nice try to win back the losing fans of Godfather series, fell flat on its face due to the slow and too easy gameplay (in comparison to what was expected) which didn’t ring the bell. The only saving grace was the ‘Godfather’ immortal ‘theme’ and the cursing as profuse as sailors do.


With Godfather-II, cruelty and fear gets redefined when the picked character punches strippers or hurl abuses as copiously as the bullets from his pistol. The game does get you hooked but the love breaks when you are left meandering trying to locate the objectives or enemies. The absence of GPS is justified as ‘The Godfather’ didn’t have it in his time. However some guiding could have definitely helped. They missed a brownie point here. Though ‘KILL FIDEL CASTRO’ plot might tingle your interest for a bit but it ends when Castro is hunted.


Surroundings tangibility is another issue with only few fences available for cutting, doors to open and few edges to be heaped! This limit does make the game a bit lengthy and slightly tougher, but it also shows the absence of creative thought process into the game.

The seeming vengeful enemies look perilous but fall like dominoes once confronted. The ease surprises you, there is nothing to be extremely proud of your nifty and nimble joystick handling. They look tough but break down easily besides equipping poor vision (their bullets hardly hit you!). The characters only scare you by the look of them but are teeth-less when aggressed.

The graphics, though, have got a facelift with more erstwhile architecture adorning the layout, general traffic and full customisability of the countenance and clothing. With anytime wardrobe change as the ‘Godfather’ pleases, the thought process here resonates well with the real persona and whimsicality of the Don.

Now the big question! Whether to own it, rent it or let it go? Here are the odds for everyone.

  • The game packs enough cursing that if an award is arranged for cursing games, this would be the sure winner. So if you want to augment your database, sure buy it and play it every time you want to add one more to hurl at the next guy who is after your girl!
  • If you like strippers, topless girls who are too busy to wear anything , this could be the final fantasy for you.(I know you are young and not allowed in the real clubs!)
  • The starting and the ends are similar and fascinating so if you misplaced your DVD and want to hear the captivating theme, buy it.
  • Watch the movie rather than play if you are expecting the same panache as the movie.

Make your choice!


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