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Impact Gel: A reality or an ersatz!

Posted on: April 16, 2009

It reminds me of Jack Black in ‘Envy’ with a miraculous ‘Vapoorizer’ that makes him a millionaire. What a great idea that was to make dogs’ poo invisible with a single spray of the Magical Vapoorizer! I agree that it was a great idea but only for movies, in reality very few will be brave enough to be declared a rampant stupid by advertising something remotely ‘vapoorizing’ as it, that too with such laconic and hilarious videos.

But you better believe this now. It’s straight out of the Hollywood flick. A company called Impact Gel, very similar to how Jack Black called his company ‘Vapooriser’ in Envy, claims to have invented a shock absorbing gel pad that resists sudden impact with all its elasticity. Ah stop bullshitting!!!!!

Even more hilarious and surprising are their few videos that are doing the rounds. The one that I have posted, does show elasticity, indeed, but more of the tables’ plank than the pad itself. Other one, shows a man pushing his hand beneath a cars wheel and flex his wrist as if some ant passed over. Well with my cognition and experience I can say that anyone with an infinitesimal tolerance can do that. So what’s so special about the pad then!!!!

The company is leaving no stone left unturned now and is promoting its product with vengeance. News, press releases and all those tactics are at a full show now. Google is burning hot with their searches. They do have few clients as well! Shaquille O’Neal is a prominent name in the list but my question is “How different is this shoe pad from the one already in the market?”

I must say that for me as a buyer, these stupid advertisements will make me run away, of course with some other shoe pads on 🙂 , in the opposite direction. These advertisements smell of ersatz, very similar to the ‘telebrands’ hilarious capsules doing the rounds.

I can agree that there is a cushion but it’s hard to believe that it can minimise the impact to such an effect that a car wheel or a painful hammer doesn’t affect your senses much. Surprising, very surprising!

Let’s hope the truth is out with Discovery’s show “Pitchman”, where they will have a special mention.


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