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Susan Boyle made people cry her a river

Posted on: April 17, 2009

I salute Susan Boyle

Is this a matter of inspiration from Danny (Slumdog Millionaire)(if one Boyle can, why can’t the other!) or a sheer resolve of Never-say-die? What ever the reasons be, Susan’s spirit has inspired many. And her candor has won our hearts. The talented singer got everyone grooving to her rhythmic rendition of ‘I have dreamed a dream’ and made all cry a river. Even the staid ‘Alec’ smiled! Well done Susan.

susan-boyleHer story too is full of awe and admiration. Her mother wanted her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent’, which Susan did posthumously. People wrote her off at her first appearance with her slapdash dressing and disheveled hair. Even that jive of her paunch didn’t help her much but the moment of truth for the audience came when she opened her mouth and rhythmic words flew from her mouth, spreading magic all over. People were tantra-rised to intoxication. They all got up and clapped!

Susan Boyle

The only sad part of this mesmerising event could be the ‘Cosmetic effect’. Cosmetic age has deteriorated the human cognition. Aesthetic weighs more than the talent, but this bubbly lady seems to be the chosen one to defy it abruptly. Tousled to the maximum ignorance, shabby to the world ‘Standards’, she stood tall and taller and enslaved many hearts. The voice and the inflections were perfect

Here are few facts about Susan that I have compiled for you:

  • She is Scottish and 47 years ‘YOUNG
  • She stays in the same pedigree house and even sleeps in the same room as did earlier. She has 8 brodas and sistas
  • Her mother never wanted her to have boyfriends. Obedient she obliged. She accepts the absence of love from her life and has never been kissed
  • Pebbles is what she calls her 10 years cat
  • She made her mother proud and auditioned with a bang

After the show, the music excavators swarmed to dig out Susan CD that she once sung. It has been located and the song ‘Cry me a river’ can surely give you a glimpse of this star in the making.

Hats off to Susan Boyle for her spirit and conviction. It won’t be surprising to see the underdog ruling every one out now and getting out of the show knighted!   Bravo!!!!!!


3 Responses to "Susan Boyle made people cry her a river"

Thia lady is amazing. Perhaps I just like her choice of song, (I have a varied taste in music) but watching her clip gave me goosebumps and nearly moved me to tears. The Fantasias of the world: watch out for the old white Scot chick. She’s far better now than you could have ever hoped to be.

Hey Suzy did you read my other post about how people are getting suspicious….also I am starting this small program that will throw ideas for all of us to find a nice man for Susan if she pleases….
Also, you being the first lady to leave a comment on my blog, I’ll be privileged if you drop your idea before anyone else does…:-)

PS: My blog even went on to become the Hawt post of the Day for few hours on Sunday…..Thanks for setting the ball rolling for me..its just my 6th day in blogging…..Thanks a ton!

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