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They were bold, they were beautiful. They are still ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’!

Posted on: April 17, 2009

The Bold And The Beautiful

Keeping the pulse of their theme, another bold step is going to see the famous runway hit on YouTube.

Now this is an absolute cracker for all those who loved ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ series. YouTube will be the launching pad for this popular series, which already has fans in around 130 countries swinging to its script and curves. The show on YouTube will show not only the shows but the specials cuts as well, a peek at behind the scene.

This will be highly significant in the countries with out the television broadcasters. The race for internet rights has intensified further as Diva TV wins the exclusive rights to broadcast the show in UK, a big fanbase. YouTube though retains the rights as if now for rest of the countries and will be chargeable to watch.

Though not the first, but ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ becomes the second  series to be legally broadcasted on the net. The first one being ‘The Young And The Restless’

But the huge question is ‘Who will watch it on YouTube?’ Will people welcome this idea, will the runway be a huge hit as it was on TV. It remains to be seen and the trends will be out soon.

Whether or not it succeeds in meeting its critical audience, I must say that they are indeed bold and gutsy!

The B and B crew

The B and B crew


4 Responses to "They were bold, they were beautiful. They are still ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’!"

Thank you for the acknowledgement given to “The Bold and the Beautiful”.
I am one of the lucky actors who dub in Spanish in a Burbank, CA studio, the “Bold and the Beautiful” and I feel even luckier to be the voice of the very talented actress Susan Flannery (Stephanie).
Again I thank you for the vey well deserved mention of “the Bold and the Beautiful”.


Consuelo Sedano

my pleasure Consuelo..though I don’t know Spanish but trust me with your special interest in my blog I will like to learn it and listen to your voice once it goes on YouTube…keep in touch….

Is this website up all the time? And, I need to know if my comment that will not be answered. I want to blog, is it better to do so here, or do i need to blog on OFA? And give me topics, I’ve got a million stories.

i am a big fan of this show and i hope to be a part of it some day hope it will be sooner than i think.

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