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Did Susan Boyle have a boyfriend?

Posted on: April 18, 2009

A marketing gimmick or a hard reality? Lets explore

Was the absence of man in her life a sympathy gimmick or a reality? Was it all a set up to give the show a boost form the lowering and plummeting TRP?


An increasing number of people are inquiring about her past. The search for ‘Susan Boyle Boyfriend’ is on a roll and it’s clear that the sensitized people all over the world are getting over their sympathy modes and are trying to be realistic. They are digging in to know whether the complete absence of a man from her life is real or not. The Telegraph’ has a story about this as well.

Their reasons for the suspicion are obvious as well:

· Why is a woman so shabbily dressed and immensely confident? Was she asked to wear shoddy clothes and smear herself with sympathy through the ‘NO MAN IN LIFE’ comment?

· Anyone getting into ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ will know the enormity and the grandeur associated with even the auditions. Agreed that she could not have afforded nice clothes but she could have at least combed her dishevelled hair. Why were they untouched?

· Why will anyone give out a fact like the absence of a man in her life and VIRGINITY that too at the first time on auditions? Did she know that the comment will earn her sympathy and a possible escalation in the next round? OR was she asked to appear shoddy and rowdy?

· What happened to the hairdressers of the show? Did he lose the comb right at the moment she was there? Did he get too scared to bring an order in the mess? Did the comb break in uncoiling act (hahahah)? Did he run away by the impossibility of the task? Was he fired right at the moment for not discharging the duties properly? OR the big question, Was it planned like that?

Many deriding and mocking videos are doing the round on YouTube. I am putting one for you. Though this doesn’t prove anything but the suspicion is snowballing now and would stay like that till her complete past is cleared.

But most of the reader will agree that whether a boyfriend or not, the lady is being praised for her voice not for her background. I must say that the lady should be applauded for the sheer resolve to perform infront of a hostile and jeering audience. And doing that too well as well!

So far…nothing has been proved!

Read about Susan’s audition and watch the video here

Read about the Kiss

Susan on CNN: I am handling attention well!

Photo Gallery of Susan


97 Responses to "Did Susan Boyle have a boyfriend?"

I don’t think Susan’s past or love life is any of your DAM business.. What is wrong with you people you need to get a life!!!!!!

I completely agree with you Lee but I have tried to voice out the suspicion.. nothing more….I apologize if that hurt you in any way……please check my other posts, I am one of her biggest admirer: she has touched my heart the most……
follow the links to read the other appreciatory posts:


Well, Simon Cowell, as we all know is a master show man. This was definitely planned. I can’t believe how stupid British audience is sometimes.

Simon Cowell’s raising of the eyebrows, all three judges making surprising faces etc. It was all planned.

Well executed again Simon!

I totally agree!! It wasn’t like she had just stepped off the street on to the stage. Don’t they have to audition?

sowhatifshehasaboyfriend itreall dosntmatter

Get a life Lee! Why can’t you guys behind the “all so popular, we’ll believe whatever is told to us” facts??

Its not Britain that’s got talent…its actually Simon Cowell who’s got enough talent to keep Susan Boyle from turning into a “Super-model”…I’m sure once the dust settles down, we will have Simon and Susan dating each other…and Paula would be heart-broken.

[…] this blog that claims it’s all a gimmick! You know what? I believe this guy! Check it out – Susan Boyle’s boyfriend Tags: britain got talent, britains got talent, i love susan boyle, simon cowell, susan boyle, […]

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if she has ever had a boyfriend. But I have known a lot of people who would fill total strangers in on what I would have considered very private details of their lives. I just assumed that she was one of these people. And if this was an audition, the clothing and hairstyle might not have been an issue like it would be in the actual competition.

Completely agree Brad but what abt the enormity of the stage and the occasion? Even I have met people who have given out every secret most conveniently but I impugn the occasion and the stage?

My question is that ‘Can’t it be a gimmick?
I completely agree that she is supremely talented but i say that she is being intelligently promoted! 🙂

Thanks for leaving the comment

At first I wanted to slam you so bad for this. I do not believe it was a “gimmick.” I admire her for her courage. And just because she was confident doesn’t mean she had a boyfriend.

I know plenty of single people who are that confident. And I don’t give a flying fuck if she has ever had a boyfriend.

Peace Mary! Peace…. it helps!

First lets see what brought you to my blog…was it the search for Susan’s boyfriend or a referral….either ways you were interested in Susan’s past and so r others….I included

Secondly: I DIDN’T say that she had/has a boyfriend or this is all a gimmick…i tried to voice out the suspicion…. nothing more…now i ask u… Is this a reason enough to smack my head! 🙂

Single or couple, confidence is an individual attribute, Susan has it, i didn’t negate that

For more please read my previous reply

Finally I deserve a consoling kiss on my forehead,…. your smack did hurt 🙂


Also as I mentioned in my blog, at the end,

“But most of the reader will agree that whether a boyfriend or not, the lady is being praised for her voice not for her background. I must say that the lady should be applauded for the sheer resolve to perform infront of a hostile and jeering audience. And doing that too well as well!”

So I am not passing a judgment, I was voicing an opinion

I get it but I think that reading the top post it was hard to figure out if you were questioning her or not. Maybe adding your 2 cents to the BEGINNING of the post would help…that you don’t think it matters but this is what is being said from around the internet. It doesn’t come across clearly that you were deriding those who are questioning her.

I was just voicing the suspicion..and yes I am absolutely against the hoopla about her private life…I think by doing this, we will leave more space for future mocking, now that every one knows about her. She suffered mocking and snickering once, she might again for this venal and TRP oriented marketing

What is wrong with people a woman has a beautiful voice.And you care if she has been kissed or dated? or make fun of her hair and clothing?I live in small town and here if a woman is 47 almost 48 that dress is a go to church on Sunday morning.Did you ever think maybe that was her best dress she owns?She is does not have a job and lives by small means in goverment housing.Not everyone is this world is rich.Maybe some people should just listen to the radio that way they do not see how people look.
No smack on the head just want people to read.

And i approved it too 🙂 its a nice insight kaffie and i acknowledged that in my write up as well

Wow talk about much ado about nothing. Why can’t a woman in this day and age be a sinlge virgin without need for a man? I personally work with such a woman only a few years younger than Susan. She is a tender compassionate person and we work in a long term care facility. I think Susan is for real and I think people should stop being so critical, cynical and just plain hurtful when they see someone who isn’t as “perfect” as they “think” they are. I love listening to Susan and listen to her on u tube every day. She is a breath of fresh air in this stifeling world. I wonder how many people like her have such a God given talent and have hidden it from all the miserable nay sayers. Why don’t all you miserable people inhabit a miserable world together and leave those of us who enjoy life alone, Stick your noses in your own business and clean up the messes in your own lives. That should keep you busy and out of our way.

I question the publicity of the fact. Tell me ‘Did you ever put posters or advertisements, or mass announcement that your lady was virgin and with out a man?’ No right, and I appreciate that!

But i object the emotional advertisement..its not good for Susan. if you understand where I am coming from

Who cares about this? What really is appreciated is the fact she is now sharing with us her wonderful voice which is like a breath of fresh air in this crazy messed up world.

uhhhh no offense but susans voice is like a british cow. i hate her singing sooooo much i just want to go on that stage and tell her off!!! ugh i think simon is faking it lol. and lee, just shut up!!!

Thanks for the comment….I beg to differ..we all love her voice..she sung it better than the original singer..the objectionable is the publicity stunt if at all 🙂

Jessica, you sound like a little 21 year old girl with no life experience or appreciation for the finer things in life. A British cow? Just who do you find to be so talented. Please don’t even mention some rapper or hip-hop here today, gone tomorrow. I would love to see you go up on stage if front of thousands of people and wow them with your “god given talents.” Just shut up,child.

I think its a shame there are people out there who want to put this lady down, it took a lot of courage and guts to get out on stage in front of thousands of people and those judges present herself and sing. Good for her.

To those of you nay sayers who put her down and say its fake take a look in your own mirror and ask yourself when’s the last time you got up and did something scary and amazing.

my grandmother used to say “if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all!”

OR better yet, “put up or shut up!!”

And exactly that what I did. I has some thing to ask and observe and that’s what I did.
Cheers 🙂

you are mean to say that about her you guys are just jackasses

what did I say, I just questioned……..

I think Susan Boyle is wonderful. Who says that you have to have a man in your life to be happy and successful.

She has a very lovely voice. and is a beautiful person. I hope she goes far, but does she not look like Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees?

Susan incurred some brain damage at birth and consequently suffered learning disabilities, etc. She was tormented by her peers as she grew up and her parents liked to keep her at home to protect her. It’s all genuine – no gimmick – that’s why she’s a little off-center in her social skills. And her confidence from singing is also due to her experience at karaoke and at church. It is something at which she excels and she knows it and consequently is confident in her ability.

I hope that Cowell will help her and not use her, and that there is someone to protect her from the public as she embarks on this new adventure, when she will once again be subject to the mean-spiritedness and ignorance of people like you who really know nothing about her but are willing to throw her under the bus for their own amusement.

I praise her talent and will be the first to buy her CD but I strongly censure the publicity…Champs never need emotional publicity and Susan is a CHAMP of her field…
I am infact trying to protect her by raising these points so that even if she had a boyfriend, the public doesn’t get mad at her….there are two ways to generate that: inductively or deductively. I chose the former approach because that makes you think. I thought I will write something like this to make the public ready to accept her

But with all the ire, i condemn the hoopla…what if Susan is jeered and mocked now when she goes out for a walk with Pebbles tucked in her arms, with the huge publicity and her private details known to all.. I ask you ‘Will you be there to protect her?’ TELL ME THIS JANET?

Ok…so what if it is a “gimmick?” How does it effect you? Why do we have to take something so beautiful, something that touched us all personally and analyze the shit out of it? Susan showed the world that you don’t have to be a Super Model, have money, be a certain age or wear certain clothes to be confident. She accepted the situation for what it was and did her thing. Why is it so important to question the motives behind peoples actions? If it was staged then GOOD! I’d rather see a woman who’s beautiful inside and out then see a woman who has no self worth, compromises what she believes in and ruins her body just to be accepted by this society. Wouldn’t you? So, if it was all staged then I think the show “Britain’s Got Tallent” should be commended for doing the right thing and showing a woman who’s as real as it gets. Susan is the woman I’d want my daughter to look up to rather than those who try to be accepted.

Commendable is your observation too…
But I differ to ask you two questions….was is not iniquitous to publicise personal details like this? will it not influence people’s judgment?
and one more if you allow…how right is it for Simon to let something like this go on air?..Susan is innocent like angles but the whole hype is forcing us to question this?

PS: The reality should always be underplayed to leave an impression not over-hyped to make it susceptible and too available for censuring and reasoning..history is the witness…Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela etc

This website needs to grow up. We dont care how she dresses and who her boyfriend is. All that is important is her amazing charecter and her voice! We dont need websites like these talking crap about her!

I didn’t criticise her, I criticised the marketing pattern…..please read my earlier post about how in love i am with this angelic voice

Even if she does, or has had a boyfriend in the past, the woman can sing.

How about the press actually digging into real issues that concern us all?

And please that doesn’t mean what Michelle Obama is wearing or some BS regarding the new White House dog.

I’ll try my best..thanks for the input

First of all, who cares if Susan has a boyfriend. Her voice is no gimmick and that’s the truth.

Completely agrees but why did Simon exploit her..the ire is more for the ruthless and stoic marketing pattern than anything

Gawd, you have to be the most caustic, cynical person on the planet. Go back in your hole and leave Susan Boyle alone.

You probably didn’t read my blog properly
And ya about the ‘hole’..i think this whole world is my hole and my lair

what brought me to your blog was what I hoped would be an uplifting story of this woman finding a boyfriend. So disappointing.

So would I for sure…I believe in that..and if you all support me, we will write an article about that too..let’s see

Im sorry, but is this a talent competition and everyone is focusing on her love life and hair style and it sickens me,
what is wrong with people , she is a women with a beautiful voice , shut up and listen, who cares who, what and and where, just enjoy. When you listen to a song on the radio, do you say wow what a great song , or boy does her hair look good :))))

exactly so where is the need to publicise something like this!!! why has it been done…humans always reason..so did I
Please refer to my previous reply to ‘Servantic’

Why do people always have to look for the negative. Why can people just not enjoy what is. My parents are scottish, and I was brought up in both England and Scotland, and there really are women like her.
Who are a little bit eccentric. Alot of scottish people have a great sense of humour, the way she was. What made me sad about this whole situation that there really are people who don’t ever get a chance in life because they were not born beautiful.

Sometimes I believe that people who are associated as being unattractive, are treated like second class citizens. Whether it was a gimmick or not it hit the nail on the head at how people originally responded to her, as if it was a joke.

Society shames me sometimes.

Negativity makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. So what if she has a boyfriend, or whatever. What a voice!!!

well that’s what our point is…..we completely sympathise with her but whats the need of influencing voters and create a lachrymatory situation where the the event is decided on emotions than reasoning….I strongly believe that Susan sans the build up would still have been selected for the next round but Simon must have missed the TRP……I question the exploitation of her situation.. i am with her but too much of mumbo jumbo bothers me to think that all this could be rigged

I don’t care if she has a boyfriend; I hope she does. Find a decent picture of her in real life and she’s a cute middle aged woman. I can easily believe Simon Cowell engineered the whole things; the man is a stinkin’ rich marketing genius. The video was carefully edited, copyrighted, everything. Cowell’s no fool. That doesn’t change the fact that Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice in an unlikely package. If they both benefit from this deal, what’s the harm?

I hate the sympathy votes for some entries… kids with no parents/missing family/dead relatives….. fathers with no real job and a family to support… even if its true, I DON’T CARE! I just wanna see the talent. Not the bullcrap story about them, told before their perfomance accompanied by some soppy music.

And that kid… from tonights episode…. I WANT HIM OUT. NOW. Its unfair to all the adults in the contest… cute kids always get votes… and cute kids with no fathers will get even more…. GAH……

But regarding S Boyle, I never even thought twice about her appearence/story or whether or not it could be a set up. Though alot of the show is very staged… like that kid at the end of tonights, just happened to have an extra song to play…. bah….

There should be a seperate BGT for the under 16’s….. kids will always get votes… thank god the little 5 year old didnt win the first BGT…. Paul Potts did instead. And last year…. dont even get me started…

go way to get views and comments. susan boyle’s hair isn’t messy. it’s perfectly beautiful. just like she is.

I think her story is probably rather real. As american idol does in the U.S. they’re probably exploiting someone’s sad story for their gain AND tugging at people’s heart strings. Did Kelly Pickler come from a broken home with lots of strife: YES. Did that help her advance on the show: YES. Were something things that were really sad about her life played up more to sway the audience more: DEFINITELY. That’s TV!

I think you can look at this woman and tell that MOST of her story is true. She looks like someone that has several cats and has led a shielded life without much interaction with people (especially of the opposite sex). I think her story is so phenomenal because she’s so talented, and it appears that she’s FINALLY “getting her due”. That’s what people love! Whether some parts of her life are “fudged” or played up or down, the bottom line is it’s a heartwarming story, and it gives people that “maybe it could happen to me” idea that fuels MOST reality TV contests! 🙂

Boyle feels genuine to me.

The judges are pretty phony all the time. Their phoniness taints everything they touch, but it doesn’t mean Boyle is phony too. Saying that the judges are jerks, so Boyle must be too, is an example of conflation.

Boyle has probably endured harassment most of her life. She has nothing to lose by being frank and courageous now. She is wise to mention her personal situation because the media’s going to dig it up anyway, esp. the Brits. She’s being proactive in telling this stuff on air. She isn’t stupid, you know. She knows nothing about grooming, witness the pathetic makeover, with hair combed over her eyes and a sweater and beads that didn’t work for her. Only when she sang during that subsequent interview did she look herself. Her singing frees her. She needs to lose a bit of weight had do her eyebrows, and then she’d be just fine. She has a beautiful profile and skin.

I respectfully believe that anyone dissing Boyle is simply jealous with a cap J.

That means the blogger, btw. Why else write about her, except to praise her?

Hey thanks for a special mention in the end 🙂
Here we are questioning the way she is being marketed……whether its her candour or a planned strategy, the fooled are, in the end, the audiences ..right? both ways she will earn sympathy so if I believe in what you said about ‘Lose Nothing’ theory then she will appear too shrewd to me…??????? But I know one thing by the look of her, she is an innocent lady but probably being played as the ace by Simon and Co

yes, i think gimmick. if you watch her shake her hips in answer to “how old?” i would say rehearsed. too much confidence. Everyone loves an underdog story. sit back and enjoy it !

that’s what my observation was…even her paunch jolt looked a bit too much

I don’t necessarily agree that her not having a boyfriend or having never been kissed was a sympathy trick. In fact, everyone in the audience – judges included – seemed to be a little irritated/amused/appalled by her. Has no one noticed the young lady who rolls her eyes and makes a couple other faces in a cut-away clip? So…I don’t think she gained any brownie points at all for being single for all her 40+ years.

But she did gain our sympathy isn’t it..and what’s all with the build up and poker faces and sudden countenance changes…they looked like shots from some movie..well practiced and rehearsed…….

Also… on the note about her look – isn’t is possible she just refused makeup and wardrobe? You don’t *have* to do those things…she wasn’t under contract with the show yet, was she?

I also wondered what the point was of her revealing such personal details, other than as a gimmick. In my opinion, she’s not a particularly good singer … she’s perhaps a 6 on a scale of 1-10. The personal information lends additional interest to her performance … sort of.

On the other hand, she does seem rather socially backward, and people who are that way sometimes lack a sense of personal boundaries as far as how and when to disclose information, which is one of the reasons why they do seem backward. This isn’t a criticism, just an observation.

TV Show, Ratings, Too ordinary = extraordinary on TV- is there any question on if it was planned to present her in the way they did. Damn! even Simon is given a touch up on the bronzer!

Anyone commenting on her mode of dress vs. her confidence clearly knows nothing of the nature of Scots. ;D

Though I do think the whole “spinster” angle is a bit of a ploy. But to be fair, I’ve been through that town in Scotland and her choices were probably pretty limited. (Not that I am knocking the village… just saying, it’s a pretty small place and folks tend to stick around.)

Thanks for that insight…appreciated

No actually I do believe this was not planned and everyone is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that such a beautiful voice could go undiscovered for so long. Step aside Elaine Paige because Susan sang I had a dream better than she does. Look it up on youtube. If Susan was so good at acting out a plan as some of you state….She would have been discovered a long time ago. Take it for what it is. A woman got her lucky break at 47. I have been around a lot of actors and she is not an actor. Susan is a charming woman with confidence that overcomes what you call her short comings. Who cares about her hair and clothes. She is comfortable like this and it is none of our places to judge. Just appreciate her lovely voice!

I am the happiest one to know that your cognition does say that she was not acting..and i completely agree..she did floor everyone with her voice

Who cares. The lady sings well and IF I didn’t see her face, I would have fallen in love with her, her voice is so “sensual..” and womanly….!


Much has already been said.
You are perhaps right to ask the question and as you put it “A marketing gimmick or a hard reality? Lets explore”

To do that you have to be able to see both sides of the issue.

My personal opinion is that the sceptics will be sceptical and jump to the marketing gimmick, the sexually active will find it impossible to accept that a mature woman could still be a virgin.

The audio centered will be thrilled to hear her voice and thus are moved to tears and frankly couldn’t give a rats arse if she was dog ugly or hasn’t parted her lips to anyone.

Who cares?

She has a lovely voice, and I bet if ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ were a radio show, the allegations of ‘marketing ploys’ would never surface.

She is amazing! such a voice. i think its a pitty in today show biz business so many talented people are lost because of “looks” etc.
what a waste! she is one person.. but im sure more are around. and about having a bf, past love etc – i wish her happiness and that she gets all she wants.

none of my business!!

There are still many underdogs in this cruel world. im proud to say im one of them! Read my lips: Im NBSB – No Boyfriend Since Birth. And what’s wrong about it? Absolutely nothing! It doesn’t make a person less lovable or less credible if she were a virgin (which I am too). And even if she did plan it all out, I would still love her because of her voice.

yep i agree !!!

The question of whether or not Susan Boyle possibly maybe kinda sorta had a boyfriend at some point is definitely worth obsessing over. Let’s keep this up. If it turns out she did, she should, of course, be ejected from the show, because this matters much more than her singing ability. What a firestorm of controversy!

Seriously, though, why is it worth “exploring” if her spinsterhood is a “marketing gimmick” or “hard reality”, given the fact that this show has in the past clearly edited and shaped its footage for maximum poignancy (remember the six year old girl that charmed the judges?) and that Ms. Boyle, regardless of how much physical manipulation might have gone into her appearance on the show (re: explosive debate regarding possibly intentional lack of hair grooming) clearly will never look like a pop idol anyway? I ask this in all sincerity. Did anyone expect documentary realism from this show?

By the way it is marketed , in search of a TRUE talent, I think everyone will like it to be authentic

no she did not she had never been kissed by a boy and never had a boyfriend !!

Well I am glad that she showed all those doubters with her voice. I watched the video and was amazed at how they treated her. It just goes to show you how looks are so important. I know that looks are important but not to the extent of treating someone inferior. I am glad she is confident.

Leave the lady alone. Who cares about her lovelife anyway?

she never said she didnt have a boyfriend, just never been kissed….so she could of had one b4

she did say that she never had a man in her life

That woman’s voice was genuinely incredible, and I don’t doubt that she deserves a chance to take that talent and make a career from it…

But come on, just watch the show people! Everything about the way she was presented screamed “hay look guyz!! check out this ugly spinster, wow what a freak WOAH BUT LISTEN TO THAT VOICE!! BET YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING OMGZZ!!11121”. People are becoming more and more sceptical of these reality talent shows, and this was just the sort of contestant they needed to keep people interested. In my opinion, this is a pretty decent marketing ploy, even if Susan Boyle herself isn’t aware of it.

And personally, I’m glad. It’s nice to see that a genuinely talented person is being intelligently marketed, and as a result will most likely get the recognition they deserve. xx

I really don’t think any of that matters.
What matters is, is that she has a amazing voice!!!

You know what! Agree/Disagree/Good/Bad….your bit is interesting fa sure…and to prove…you got so many comments man….I am all out for voicing what u think….way to go Man…would love to read more.

A lot of BGT is fabricated; look at the Welsh episode the other day. The kid who sang Valerie and was asked to sing something else pulls an absolute cracker out of the bag after a drab first song?! Why did Simon not just press his buzzer, instead of asking for him to sing another song?

Look back to Paul Potts where they played on the bullying story from the start, clearly choosing to keep the audience unaware to the fact he’d had a couple years worth of training in Italy.

It all boils down to the fact that it’s an entertainment show and it does keep its audience entertained. What could be seen as the worrying thing though, is that it is clearly the guys working behind the scenes who keep the audience entertained with these heavily played-on backgrounds, rather than the ‘talents’ displayed by the acts.

Was it planned? Does it matter? The woman has a voice. Which thankfully she has chosen to share with us.

‘Actress?’ … I think not – she seems like a nice woman with a big voice and no axe to grind. Why is that so difficult to contemplate? I meet people like Susan Boyle all the time – real, confident people. People that are SO comfortable in themselves and actually don’t give a toss about what people think of the way they look

We live in such a cynical age! It couldn’t simply be the case that a really talented – yet ‘non stylised’ 47 year old, that has never had a ‘boyfriend’, just thought to herself – “buggrit – what have I got to lose?”?

But hey, if it IS a marketing ploy in whatever shape or form, then, I, for one am giving huge props to whoever cooked it up! The whole world is talkin’ about Susan Boyle. Job done.

Go’ on yersel’ Susan!

Hey, congrats on the success of your blog! When you have the time, check out my wordpress blog also.

She is a great singer, nothing else counts

It does not matter if she has a boyfriend or not. She has a HUGE talent, and I’d love to see that taken further.

Susan, whatever she is or was, gave us something, very few recognise.. dreams. So what if she has been kissed, has a boyfriend, or not. She got on stage, and did her thing, and the world enbraced her, and brough home, that no matter who or what you are, if you have the dream, and believe, it will happen.
As a woman, she showed that age makes no difference, looks matter little, it was her voice, and her spunk, and by God she has impressed quite a few hasn’t she? I cried every time I saw her video, and I have never watched the show, ever, but I was taken with her beauty of voice and her beauty of person; something too often overlooked in our 21 st century of repressed depression, hey?
I say, Susan, “YOU GO GIRL”

hey Dona
Pease read latest post..you might help us

[…] read a post “Does Susan Boyle has a Boyfriend?” saying that it might just be propaganda, the bushy haired virgin with the angelic voice that shook […]

Having seen several consequent interviews with Susan, we learn that when she spoke of “never having been kissed” and that “it’s not an advert”, she was only kidding around–and that she rather wishes she’d not brought it up. It’s easy, being led to say regretful things while one is giddy with excitement. So what? And, I really don’t understand why you posted the video on here with a picture of a–most ‘unfortunate-looking’ man–I can only guess why that abomination was (rightly) removed. I only am posting here because I wish folks would get off the ‘Susan has no boyfriend, has never been kissed, and guess what! She’s a virgin!’ bandwagon and simply wish her well! For me, it’s her VOICE which is the real phenomenon–wish people could somehow stick with that. I look forward to hearing more from Susan Boyle, regardless of how the BGT show progresses.

[…] Read about other ‘may-be-rigged’ contests: ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ […]

thanks for a great post,

Susan Boyle has never had a boyfreind . Was there anyone she was keen on marrying ?

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