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Susan Boyle on Larry King: I am handling attention

Posted on: April 18, 2009

Her simplicity and frank expressions

This is what dreams can do to you! A rather rowdy woman with a reckless demeanour but with an angelic voice and a cute temperament has become the national craze overnight. Her searches are increasing at a blazing pace. It’s heartening to see that the whole world now is appreciating the voice and the owner with equal ferocity as she was booed when she descended onto the stage and jolted her paunch.

Well that is history now and you can click to read more about the audition: I salute you Susan Boyle

Well the opera singer reminded me of Celine Dion (I don’t know why!) but I found a companion in Larry King when he asked her to sing ‘My heart will go on’. Susan sung it and mesmerised us once again. Being without any musical accompaniment, Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan showered Susan Boyle with the highest honour by comparing her voice to be angelic. Though even he wouldn’t have heard an angel but the opinion is unanimous: Hers is the closest to what people perceive as angelic!

People had snickered and ridiculed Susan’s demeanour as reckless and shoddy. But with all the success and fame she has earned overnight, they are busy swarming and deluging the singing sensation as her biggest admirers. The bookies, gaffers and the gambler are favouring her with positive odds, and recording companies are flocking her with offers of world tours and recording contracts. The adorable lady is rather taking every step with careful precision and is sharply focused on the next rounds of Britain’s Got Talent.

Responding to the several recommendations and pleas, even more moving comment was her denial of any need of make over. She highlighted that she has not changed as a person even after all the shutterbugs surge and venal contracts. For her, her passion weighs much more than anything else and its so numbing to see in today’s world.

Her confidence is another chapter in its own. Her candour of accepting the absence of mere pecking and boyfriends catapulted her persona to a different level. Audience did mumble across and a condemning cacophony did develop, but the paunch jolt rather mocked at them than show intimidation. She won my heart then and there. You need confidence to believe in yourself and face the world with what ever you have. Susan had the perfect mix of talent and confidence and a heart-winning (soon award winning) conviction!

Taking her candour and simplicity to another elevation, she confessed that she was born with irregularities and was a constant target of nagging and deriding comments. The verbal assaults didn’t dent her confidence and she grew in life. Moving from a Church choir to earn a living as a cook, she finally settled to day to day house work in her reticent surroundings. The only slight hint of regret in her is the absence of a man in her life but is gracefully brushed aside with digressive talks of her focus and using this ‘only chance’ she has.

Have a look at some amazing pictures of Susan below. Click on them for a bigger view!


7 Responses to "Susan Boyle on Larry King: I am handling attention"

Susan was a joy to watch, so what if she is not the expected beauty, she wowed everyone, go for it Susan!!!!!

I am so in awe of her. She’s amazing !

No puedo dejar de expresar
Desde mi patria Argentina
a esta mujer simplemente divina
que al mundo ha hecho pensar
su presencia pudo mostrar
que somos hipócritas y discriminamos
que de todos nos burlamos
a expensa de nuestros defectos
no busquemos más pretextos
somos lo que en sociedad creamos.

No offense Aristoteles but I didn’t understand a single word that you wrote, but approved it for the sound of it…..I’ll appreciate if you will leave something in English..

yo, great name for site)))

yo, great name for site)))

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