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Susan Boyle has been kissed: Claims the ‘Telegraph’

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Whatever but we will now try to find her a boyfriend

Finally Telegraph broke the news…..it appears that

Susan has been kissed

Telegraph’s recent dig has confirmed that Susan has been kissed. But before you click on the upcoming link, please go through my adjuring lines under.   (To read the dig: click Telegraph)

Even after the confirmation, it’s immaterial and inconsequential. I love Susan and so do you all.

Very soon I’ll, of course with your help, plan an event of introducing Susan with different guys. Let’s help her with this guys!!!

I never ask for comments, but this time I want your textual stamps to encourage me with an event like this. We Love Susan and let’s help her

PS: Please mention your ideas of how you all want to shape this up and what will the best schema for searching the right guy for her.

PS2: My last post only questioned it and now I am so moved by your participation and interest, all for her, that if she doesn’t really have a boyfriend, I , with your help, want to find one for her, in good faith.

To read about her audition click here

To read about her alleged Boyfriend click here

For Susan’s photo gallery, click here

Awaiting your comments 🙂


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