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Danger wasn’t mucha danger.Was she?


4 Responses to "Ray with Danger"

DANGER IT WILL BE OKAY BUT COCKTAIL GOT RAYJ U COULD HAVE GOT HIM BUT HE THOUGHT U GOT TO DANGEROUS AS IN SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even doe you didn,t have chosen danger she is hot and sexy and all that what the fuck cocktail can do not a shit because i do no that you and cocktail not goin to be together for a because you want to play she more than people but if i was in that show i will beat cocktail ass

I feel as though Kim looks better with Ray j then cocktail does when i look at them together she is beautiful she looks so much better with him I just think he couldnt handle a women like her. And also I wish that danger woulda won because they had the best relationship in the show and he never paid cocktail any mind she was just the snich of the house. Cocktail never really worked hard for Ray’s love i think Danger was more in it then Coctail was i just think that Cocktail is fake im sorry to say. Ray really wanted Danger!

He should have pick Danger cause she was more into to him, then any of them she really want him and he really wanted her. He spent a lot of time with her during the show and she is in his video more then any of the girls. I think they would have made a good couple.

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