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New search engine: Wolframalpha.com

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Finally it’s coming this May...Gosh I am relieved.

Probably this is the news that we all were waiting for. We all were tired of millions of irrelevant results that Google threw at us every time we scouted for information. Every search yielded a flurry of unnecessary results and the huge numbers boggled and knocked us out. The need to sift and slog many a times made us go with a different keyword, which at times failed as miserably as its predecessor. Our creativity of keywords was challenged frequently when countless permutation and combination of keywords failed to help us much. We all conceded defeat and slogged to filter the innumerable results out. Poor us!

Smart SE optimisers spoilt it even further with nifty optimisation and virtual publicity. Galore of links, press releases, blog entries, vehement updates and exercises made sure that even if a person selling shoes wanted to be on top for selling potatoes on the result page, it was possible in few months. Ah bugging!!

Now call it the saviour or a hero, helping us avoid all this discomfort is a new search engine coming this May, 09,

http://www.wolframalpha.com .

A search engine that will be managed by experts of the field, will make use of the Popularity Indexing of Wikipedia and based on this intelligent computation, will show results that were most searched for a particular keyword. SEO will take a back seat for the time being with this search engine.

I personally felt, with all the mediocre knowledge I had of SEO, that contemporary search engines had left a vital backdoor entry for the spoilers though their algorithm and its knowledge. Though I agree that no one beyond the one who designed the algorithm knows it completely but observers of technology had speculated correctly on the key element of SEO. And the trouble they caused by their accurateness is evident on every search.

Wolframalpha.com seems like taking the search matrix to a new height with its smart recognition of what is being searched for. A definite boon for researchers and scholars, the results will include a more user friendly interface with graphs, tables and highly relevant text.

For a look at how it looks click here


3 Responses to "New search engine: Wolframalpha.com"

Wow.. this indeed sounds classy! I love Google but you’re right, sometimes the results are a bit haywire.

Here’s welcoming a tech revolution with open arms! 🙂

Great post…I wonder where you heard about this!!!

haha I had my Watergate mics on…

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