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With shows like Dance India Dance, Boogie Woogie etc. a common thing on Indian TV, reaching millions of young hopefuls and young dance fans, the demand for dance schools and academies is high in major cities around India. The demand for dance classes in Delhi and the 30-40 sq kms that surround Delhi (what’s called the National Capital Region) is higher than ever before and the competition is tough.

With the young population booming in India and with celebrities like Hritik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan performing Indo-western dance steps in new Bollywood movies, there’s demand for a new kind of dance form they call “Hip Bollywood” – literally a mix between Hip Hop and Bollywood. Hip Hop usually includes sub-dance forms like popping and locking. When you see Shahid Kapoor moving his arms in a jerky fashion, along with those those typical bollywood leg movements, you know you’re looking at Hip Bollywood.

Dance Academies around Delhi are adapting to this new demand and instructors and choreographers are busy building a new dance form. One such dance academy in Delhi and NCR is the Delhi Dance Academy, that emphasizes on teaching dance that matters, dance that’s in demand and dance that catches attention and gets sponsored.

Indian classical dance forms like Kathak and Bharatanatyam, although still popular with some, are a dying art and limited to a few dance connoisseurs, but the moment you mix Indian classical with a little bit of Salsa, Jazz and Hip Hop, you get a unique blend of modern dance that’s a delight to watch, but hard to explain in words. The “tap dance” like foot step movements, combined with the posture of Jazz and the hand “glass horizontal slide”, when done in sync, has its own unique richness and style.

A few other popular combinations are a mix of all Latin American styles like Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Tango and Jazz or a mix of traditional folk with modern Bollywood with some locking and jumping thrown in.

The potential in dance is endless and now India is getting ready for that dance revolution where complacency isn’t acceptable and just good dancing is not good enough. You need to be at the cutting edge of modern dance and innovation is the key when it comes to TV dance shows. Amongst dance institutes, Delhi Dance Academy has its eyes firmly focused on this new trend and has choreographers teaching potential actors and wannabe dancers. Visit Delhi Dance Academy’s Facebook Page or their website for more information.


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