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It can’t get more disgusting than this.

As concerns were voiced by my blog about the revival of catcalling Susan, a porn site is heard to have offered Susan a huge amount ($1 million) to lose her virginity on camera. Who is to be blamed here? Simon for his venal marketing, Susan for her innocence and candour, or the script writers of the ‘Reality Show’?

This is a matter of great shame and disappointment that a godly woman has been offered such an unholy offer. Porn kings never had any morals and will never have, but it brings me back to questioning Simon’s judgment of exploiting Susan’s situation and letting it go on air as well. I know in this world of Big Brother, voyeurism is at its peak and sadly in demand too, but a holy woman should never in her life encounter such an offer. Imagine what will be going on in Susan’s mind right now? That too right in middle of the contest.

To further dent her smooth flow towards stardom, another surprise element of this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, is Shaheen Jafargholi, a 12 year old boy, whose voice has again mesmerised the judges and convinced Amanda Holden to do a goose-bump test. Whether Shaheen will prove to be an efficient competitor or not, only the time will tell but worth asking now will be the whole venal approach towards human without a single thought of morality, conscience and being right. First the aesthetics were the reasons for jeering, now virginity. ………What’s wrong with the world?

Incidents happen in celebrities’ life, they survive it but worth seeing will be how Susan Boyle, an abecedarian of this profession, reacts to this episode.

Best of luck Susan!


Whatever but we will now try to find her a boyfriend

Finally Telegraph broke the news…..it appears that

Susan has been kissed

Telegraph’s recent dig has confirmed that Susan has been kissed. But before you click on the upcoming link, please go through my adjuring lines under.   (To read the dig: click Telegraph)

Even after the confirmation, it’s immaterial and inconsequential. I love Susan and so do you all.

Very soon I’ll, of course with your help, plan an event of introducing Susan with different guys. Let’s help her with this guys!!!

I never ask for comments, but this time I want your textual stamps to encourage me with an event like this. We Love Susan and let’s help her

PS: Please mention your ideas of how you all want to shape this up and what will the best schema for searching the right guy for her.

PS2: My last post only questioned it and now I am so moved by your participation and interest, all for her, that if she doesn’t really have a boyfriend, I , with your help, want to find one for her, in good faith.

To read about her audition click here

To read about her alleged Boyfriend click here

For Susan’s photo gallery, click here

Awaiting your comments 🙂

A marketing gimmick or a hard reality? Lets explore

Was the absence of man in her life a sympathy gimmick or a reality? Was it all a set up to give the show a boost form the lowering and plummeting TRP?


An increasing number of people are inquiring about her past. The search for ‘Susan Boyle Boyfriend’ is on a roll and it’s clear that the sensitized people all over the world are getting over their sympathy modes and are trying to be realistic. They are digging in to know whether the complete absence of a man from her life is real or not. The Telegraph’ has a story about this as well.

Their reasons for the suspicion are obvious as well:

· Why is a woman so shabbily dressed and immensely confident? Was she asked to wear shoddy clothes and smear herself with sympathy through the ‘NO MAN IN LIFE’ comment?

· Anyone getting into ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ will know the enormity and the grandeur associated with even the auditions. Agreed that she could not have afforded nice clothes but she could have at least combed her dishevelled hair. Why were they untouched?

· Why will anyone give out a fact like the absence of a man in her life and VIRGINITY that too at the first time on auditions? Did she know that the comment will earn her sympathy and a possible escalation in the next round? OR was she asked to appear shoddy and rowdy?

· What happened to the hairdressers of the show? Did he lose the comb right at the moment she was there? Did he get too scared to bring an order in the mess? Did the comb break in uncoiling act (hahahah)? Did he run away by the impossibility of the task? Was he fired right at the moment for not discharging the duties properly? OR the big question, Was it planned like that?

Many deriding and mocking videos are doing the round on YouTube. I am putting one for you. Though this doesn’t prove anything but the suspicion is snowballing now and would stay like that till her complete past is cleared.

But most of the reader will agree that whether a boyfriend or not, the lady is being praised for her voice not for her background. I must say that the lady should be applauded for the sheer resolve to perform infront of a hostile and jeering audience. And doing that too well as well!

So far…nothing has been proved!

Read about Susan’s audition and watch the video here

Read about the Kiss

Susan on CNN: I am handling attention well!

Photo Gallery of Susan

This is the song that has catapulted Susan to be the cynosure of our heart. Sing alone. This is the original one!

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
And their words inviting
There was a time when love was blind          
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

He slept a summer by my side
He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my childhood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came

And still I dream he’ll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

Her simplicity and frank expressions

This is what dreams can do to you! A rather rowdy woman with a reckless demeanour but with an angelic voice and a cute temperament has become the national craze overnight. Her searches are increasing at a blazing pace. It’s heartening to see that the whole world now is appreciating the voice and the owner with equal ferocity as she was booed when she descended onto the stage and jolted her paunch.

Well that is history now and you can click to read more about the audition: I salute you Susan Boyle

Well the opera singer reminded me of Celine Dion (I don’t know why!) but I found a companion in Larry King when he asked her to sing ‘My heart will go on’. Susan sung it and mesmerised us once again. Being without any musical accompaniment, Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan showered Susan Boyle with the highest honour by comparing her voice to be angelic. Though even he wouldn’t have heard an angel but the opinion is unanimous: Hers is the closest to what people perceive as angelic!

People had snickered and ridiculed Susan’s demeanour as reckless and shoddy. But with all the success and fame she has earned overnight, they are busy swarming and deluging the singing sensation as her biggest admirers. The bookies, gaffers and the gambler are favouring her with positive odds, and recording companies are flocking her with offers of world tours and recording contracts. The adorable lady is rather taking every step with careful precision and is sharply focused on the next rounds of Britain’s Got Talent.

Responding to the several recommendations and pleas, even more moving comment was her denial of any need of make over. She highlighted that she has not changed as a person even after all the shutterbugs surge and venal contracts. For her, her passion weighs much more than anything else and its so numbing to see in today’s world.

Her confidence is another chapter in its own. Her candour of accepting the absence of mere pecking and boyfriends catapulted her persona to a different level. Audience did mumble across and a condemning cacophony did develop, but the paunch jolt rather mocked at them than show intimidation. She won my heart then and there. You need confidence to believe in yourself and face the world with what ever you have. Susan had the perfect mix of talent and confidence and a heart-winning (soon award winning) conviction!

Taking her candour and simplicity to another elevation, she confessed that she was born with irregularities and was a constant target of nagging and deriding comments. The verbal assaults didn’t dent her confidence and she grew in life. Moving from a Church choir to earn a living as a cook, she finally settled to day to day house work in her reticent surroundings. The only slight hint of regret in her is the absence of a man in her life but is gracefully brushed aside with digressive talks of her focus and using this ‘only chance’ she has.

Have a look at some amazing pictures of Susan below. Click on them for a bigger view!

Citibank announces  that this quarter was their best since 2007


So finally they did it. Is it the Pandit’s effect or sheer luck, careful trotting, default recoveries, sharkish strategies or natty implementations, Citibank has done what many other banks desired to. After a lot of back-rubbings, monetary rescues, bearing heavy loses, Citibank, for an invigorating respite, announced this quarter as their best made made some profit! Phew

With a revenue of $24.8 billion, the bank managed a net income of $1.6 million, a complete reversal of commerce from the same period last year. Though it must be kept in mind as well that the new rule allows the companies to record any declined value of their debt as their unrealised gains! Funny, one doesn’t make it but claims it.

Quite clearly, the clients group that includes the investment banking unit clocked a profit of $2.83 billion after a loss of $6.3 billion last year. However, Citi’s Consumer banking had to bear a loss of $1.2 billion because of the credit defaulters, including mortgage loans. The Credit Card profit dropped by 66%, generating an income of $417 million. Just!!!! They seemed to suck every penny out of us as their interest, surprising!

The US government also have played a crucial role in this upswing thanks to a huge bail out amount, the Bank’s Tier1 ratio, which is a measure of financial strength stood at 11.8 % compared to just 7.7% a year.

The life support system by Obama administration seemed to have worked but loses are still evident and prominent. Owing to the low bank rates and economic relaxations, consumers have been
encouraged towards
mortgages and other long term loans. The government measures have definitely thawed the frozen credit market. The fluency of operation is fast becoming rife and if the trend continues the gloom will soon be doomed.! (Then who will have the time to read my blog…he he)


The Bold And The Beautiful

Keeping the pulse of their theme, another bold step is going to see the famous runway hit on YouTube.

Now this is an absolute cracker for all those who loved ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ series. YouTube will be the launching pad for this popular series, which already has fans in around 130 countries swinging to its script and curves. The show on YouTube will show not only the shows but the specials cuts as well, a peek at behind the scene.

This will be highly significant in the countries with out the television broadcasters. The race for internet rights has intensified further as Diva TV wins the exclusive rights to broadcast the show in UK, a big fanbase. YouTube though retains the rights as if now for rest of the countries and will be chargeable to watch.

Though not the first, but ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ becomes the second  series to be legally broadcasted on the net. The first one being ‘The Young And The Restless’

But the huge question is ‘Who will watch it on YouTube?’ Will people welcome this idea, will the runway be a huge hit as it was on TV. It remains to be seen and the trends will be out soon.

Whether or not it succeeds in meeting its critical audience, I must say that they are indeed bold and gutsy!

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