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A marketing gimmick or a hard reality? Lets explore

Was the absence of man in her life a sympathy gimmick or a reality? Was it all a set up to give the show a boost form the lowering and plummeting TRP?


An increasing number of people are inquiring about her past. The search for ‘Susan Boyle Boyfriend’ is on a roll and it’s clear that the sensitized people all over the world are getting over their sympathy modes and are trying to be realistic. They are digging in to know whether the complete absence of a man from her life is real or not. The Telegraph’ has a story about this as well.

Their reasons for the suspicion are obvious as well:

· Why is a woman so shabbily dressed and immensely confident? Was she asked to wear shoddy clothes and smear herself with sympathy through the ‘NO MAN IN LIFE’ comment?

· Anyone getting into ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ will know the enormity and the grandeur associated with even the auditions. Agreed that she could not have afforded nice clothes but she could have at least combed her dishevelled hair. Why were they untouched?

· Why will anyone give out a fact like the absence of a man in her life and VIRGINITY that too at the first time on auditions? Did she know that the comment will earn her sympathy and a possible escalation in the next round? OR was she asked to appear shoddy and rowdy?

· What happened to the hairdressers of the show? Did he lose the comb right at the moment she was there? Did he get too scared to bring an order in the mess? Did the comb break in uncoiling act (hahahah)? Did he run away by the impossibility of the task? Was he fired right at the moment for not discharging the duties properly? OR the big question, Was it planned like that?

Many deriding and mocking videos are doing the round on YouTube. I am putting one for you. Though this doesn’t prove anything but the suspicion is snowballing now and would stay like that till her complete past is cleared.

But most of the reader will agree that whether a boyfriend or not, the lady is being praised for her voice not for her background. I must say that the lady should be applauded for the sheer resolve to perform infront of a hostile and jeering audience. And doing that too well as well!

So far…nothing has been proved!

Read about Susan’s audition and watch the video here

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Susan on CNN: I am handling attention well!

Photo Gallery of Susan

Her simplicity and frank expressions

Her simplicity and frank expressions

This is what dreams can do to you! A rather rowdy woman with a reckless demeanour but with an angelic voice and a cute temperament has become the national craze overnight. Her searches are increasing at a blazing pace. It’s heartening to see that the whole world now is appreciating the voice and the owner with equal ferocity as she was booed when she descended onto the stage and jolted her paunch.

Well that is history now and you can click to read more about the audition: I salute you Susan Boyle

Well the opera singer reminded me of Celine Dion (I don’t know why!) but I found a companion in Larry King when he asked her to sing ‘My heart will go on’. Susan sung it and mesmerised us once again. Being without any musical accompaniment, Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan showered Susan Boyle with the highest honour by comparing her voice to be angelic. Though even he wouldn’t have heard an angel but the opinion is unanimous: Hers is the closest to what people perceive as angelic!

People had snickered and ridiculed Susan’s demeanour as reckless and shoddy. But with all the success and fame she has earned overnight, they are busy swarming and deluging the singing sensation as her biggest admirers. The bookies, gaffers and the gambler are favouring her with positive odds, and recording companies are flocking her with offers of world tours and recording contracts. The adorable lady is rather taking every step with careful precision and is sharply focused on the next rounds of Britain’s Got Talent.

Responding to the several recommendations and pleas, even more moving comment was her denial of any need of make over. She highlighted that she has not changed as a person even after all the shutterbugs surge and venal contracts. For her, her passion weighs much more than anything else and its so numbing to see in today’s world.

Her confidence is another chapter in its own. Her candour of accepting the absence of mere pecking and boyfriends catapulted her persona to a different level. Audience did mumble across and a condemning cacophony did develop, but the paunch jolt rather mocked at them than show intimidation. She won my heart then and there. You need confidence to believe in yourself and face the world with what ever you have. Susan had the perfect mix of talent and confidence and a heart-winning (soon award winning) conviction!

Taking her candour and simplicity to another elevation, she confessed that she was born with irregularities and was a constant target of nagging and deriding comments. The verbal assaults didn’t dent her confidence and she grew in life. Moving from a Church choir to earn a living as a cook, she finally settled to day to day house work in her reticent surroundings. The only slight hint of regret in her is the absence of a man in her life but is gracefully brushed aside with digressive talks of her focus and using this ‘only chance’ she has.

Have a look at some amazing pictures of Susan below. Click on them for a bigger view!

I salute Susan Boyle

Is this a matter of inspiration from Danny (Slumdog Millionaire)(if one Boyle can, why can’t the other!) or a sheer resolve of Never-say-die? What ever the reasons be, Susan’s spirit has inspired many. And her candor has won our hearts. The talented singer got everyone grooving to her rhythmic rendition of ‘I have dreamed a dream’ and made all cry a river. Even the staid ‘Alec’ smiled! Well done Susan.

susan-boyleHer story too is full of awe and admiration. Her mother wanted her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent’, which Susan did posthumously. People wrote her off at her first appearance with her slapdash dressing and disheveled hair. Even that jive of her paunch didn’t help her much but the moment of truth for the audience came when she opened her mouth and rhythmic words flew from her mouth, spreading magic all over. People were tantra-rised to intoxication. They all got up and clapped!

Susan Boyle

The only sad part of this mesmerising event could be the ‘Cosmetic effect’. Cosmetic age has deteriorated the human cognition. Aesthetic weighs more than the talent, but this bubbly lady seems to be the chosen one to defy it abruptly. Tousled to the maximum ignorance, shabby to the world ‘Standards’, she stood tall and taller and enslaved many hearts. The voice and the inflections were perfect

Here are few facts about Susan that I have compiled for you:

  • She is Scottish and 47 years ‘YOUNG
  • She stays in the same pedigree house and even sleeps in the same room as did earlier. She has 8 brodas and sistas
  • Her mother never wanted her to have boyfriends. Obedient she obliged. She accepts the absence of love from her life and has never been kissed
  • Pebbles is what she calls her 10 years cat
  • She made her mother proud and auditioned with a bang

After the show, the music excavators swarmed to dig out Susan CD that she once sung. It has been located and the song ‘Cry me a river’ can surely give you a glimpse of this star in the making.

Hats off to Susan Boyle for her spirit and conviction. It won’t be surprising to see the underdog ruling every one out now and getting out of the show knighted!   Bravo!!!!!!

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