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With shows like Dance India Dance, Boogie Woogie etc. a common thing on Indian TV, reaching millions of young hopefuls and young dance fans, the demand for dance schools and academies is high in major cities around India. The demand for dance classes in Delhi and the 30-40 sq kms that surround Delhi (what’s called the National Capital Region) is higher than ever before and the competition is tough.

With the young population booming in India and with celebrities like Hritik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan performing Indo-western dance steps in new Bollywood movies, there’s demand for a new kind of dance form they call “Hip Bollywood” – literally a mix between Hip Hop and Bollywood. Hip Hop usually includes sub-dance forms like popping and locking. When you see Shahid Kapoor moving his arms in a jerky fashion, along with those those typical bollywood leg movements, you know you’re looking at Hip Bollywood.

Dance Academies around Delhi are adapting to this new demand and instructors and choreographers are busy building a new dance form. One such dance academy in Delhi and NCR is the Delhi Dance Academy, that emphasizes on teaching dance that matters, dance that’s in demand and dance that catches attention and gets sponsored.

Indian classical dance forms like Kathak and Bharatanatyam, although still popular with some, are a dying art and limited to a few dance connoisseurs, but the moment you mix Indian classical with a little bit of Salsa, Jazz and Hip Hop, you get a unique blend of modern dance that’s a delight to watch, but hard to explain in words. The “tap dance” like foot step movements, combined with the posture of Jazz and the hand “glass horizontal slide”, when done in sync, has its own unique richness and style.

A few other popular combinations are a mix of all Latin American styles like Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Tango and Jazz or a mix of traditional folk with modern Bollywood with some locking and jumping thrown in.

The potential in dance is endless and now India is getting ready for that dance revolution where complacency isn’t acceptable and just good dancing is not good enough. You need to be at the cutting edge of modern dance and innovation is the key when it comes to TV dance shows. Amongst dance institutes, Delhi Dance Academy has its eyes firmly focused on this new trend and has choreographers teaching potential actors and wannabe dancers. Visit Delhi Dance Academy’s Facebook Page or their website for more information.


All weight loss and exercise enthusiasts who aspire to possess an hour glass figure would simply love to get their hands onto the p90x nutrition plan worksheet at the earliest given opportunity. P90x nutrition plan worksheet is the most happening worksheet for aspiring weight loss enthusiasts, who would simply love to get rid of the excessive body fat and gain that awesome and fabulous physique which each and every individual aspires in their dreams. To get a detailed insight into the nutrition plan which has helped millions across the globe get rid of their excessive fat content and gain muscle at warp speed, you simply need to download the p90x nutrition plan worksheet at the earliest given opportunity. Unlike most downloads, the p90x nutrition plan worksheet is different and is quite distinct from the usual spreadsheets that can be downloaded from the cell phone. These normal spreadsheets are simply not clear enough to read through at a single glance. Hence, you need to spend considerable amount of time just browsing through the spreadsheet and by the time you finish going through the traditionally written nutrition plans, you are simply too tired to include them in your daily schedule. Thus, in order to get the best in terms of nutrition, you simply need to get your hands onto p90x nutrition plan worksheet at the earliest given opportunity.

It is interesting to note that the highly informative p90x nutrition plan worksheets are complied by the legendary company called Beachbody. The main reason why Beachbody compiles p90x nutrition plan worksheet is to promote its P90X workout schedule in a systematic manner. When you take a look at the p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you would be pleasantly surprised to find that they are customized to meet and suit your personal needs. After having browsed through a p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you would get an idea with regards to its usage and how you can actually implement its numerous forms in practical form. As mentioned earlier, the worksheets are made for you. Hence, the moment you enter your information, you would be provided with a data with regards to the ideal nutritional plan and workout schedule instantly. The p90x nutrition plan worksheet is symbolic to your personal calendar with regards to the nutrition plan that you need to follow and the exercise regime that you need to incorporate in your daily regime. The advantage of using the p90x nutrition plan is to ensure that your data can ideally be viewed though the means of an instructional DVD. This DVD would also contain the correct format and form for executing a specific exercise.

In the p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you have the option of customizing the workout as well as the nutritional schedule with regards to your desired body type. For example, while making use of the phase one, phase two or phase three nutritional plan, you have the option of determining the total amount of calories that you have burnt. The p90x nutrition plan worksheet would also permit you to calculate your daily food intake. So, with the help of the p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you have the idea of consuming the total amounts of carbohydrates, proteins as well as fats in your daily nutritional schedule. Hence, by simply making use of the p90x nutrition plan, you have the idea of knowing how many calories you ideally require and how many do you ideally need to burn. Whenever you would like to get detailed information with regards to your body fat index, you simply need to enter your personal information into the p90x nutrition plan worksheet and wait for the answer. An interesting aspect of the p90x nutrition plan worksheet is the ability to plan your workout schedule in such a manner that you are able to prepare a graph of your workout and nutritional schedule. The nutrition plan available on the worksheet can be printed as well. Hence, when you are making use of the p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you do not have to use the traditional pen and paper methodology. You can enter your weight training schedule, the repetitions as well as the diet plan for the first week in the p90x nutrition plan and you would be provided with a graphical interface which would highlight your performance. In the second week, you would be able to study your improved stats.

When you have the p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you simply need to work towards trying to cross check your achievements, which in turn is also known as tracking your performance. In order to improve, you need to keep on updating the p90x nutrition plan worksheet in accordance with your weekly performance. This is also inclusive of the kinds of exercises, the total number of repetitions as well as the total number of sets involved in your daily schedule. In case you managed to lose 5 pounds in the first week, you need to alter your plan and try to implement a strategy which enables you to lose at least 2 to 3 pounds in the second week. Here, you can simply keep cross checking your daily graph with regards to the p90x nutrition plan worksheet. While taking care of your nutritional intake, you need to try and derive your daily carbohydrate intake from vegetables and fruits instead of the usual starches. This is when the p90x nutrition plan worksheet would be transformed into‘fat melting machinery’ from the usual ‘sugar melting machinery’. When seeking the best nutritional advice, you need to establish a daily food intake tracker which would include the list of supplements and portions of food items to be consumed daily. In fact, in the p90x nutrition plan worksheet, you have columns wherein you may feed the desired water consumption for each day. This would help you gauge your performance with regards to weight loss and muscle gain, maintain a balance between your daily workout schedule with the daily nutritional intake and permit you the ability to chalk out a plan of action to alter either the nutritional content or the exercise routine in a bid to get the best possible results in the least possible timeframe. All this is possible with the use of the p90x nutritional plan worksheet.

Today Indian catering has become a full blown business service model. Specifically educated youths from India as well as abroad have given significant outstanding push to the enterprise. Indian Catering forms a large part of the hospitality industry. Over the last few decades, the catering industry in India and outside has gradually gained its much awaited impetus.

People are recruited from different organizations to bring about the best into this business. Food is prepared at site and often sometimes brought to the place from far off places. The ingredients of different recipes are kept authentic yet experimental in order to suite the modern party background. Freshness and satisfying tastes form the focal point of every catering business. Delicious mouth watering foods are served with a perfect décor to make a party memorable yet enjoyable. Themes, colors and exotic flavours of India are chosen by prominent professionals for the varied clients with different outlooks.

Indian foods such as Rajasthani, Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, Mughlai Chinese and many others have gained significant prominence into the scenario. Endless varieties of delicacies are prepared and served by professional renowned chefs.

Different type of catering exists for the people. Except for the party catering you get pantry catering, wedding catering, canteen catering, marriage catering and outdoor catering services. All these services deliver the perfect recipes served with the genuine hospitable atmosphere.

The Non-Vegetarian Indian cuisine comprises of eggs, chicken, mutton, fish etc. There is a variety of recipes like tandoori tikkas, kababs, butter chicken, biryani, roshan goshts etc.

Indian vegetarian catering on the other hand form an integral part of ‘Common People Cuisines’ in India. Pure vegetarian dishes are tasty as well as nutritious. You will find influences of Indian as well as foreign spices inside them. The vegetarian dishes include Navratan Korma, Shahi Paneer etc.

Roti, naan and paratha form the major breads of India. It is frequently served with different vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. They are sometimes spiced up with vegetables and different non-vegetarian ingredients in order to serve party scenarios.

Snacks like samosas, aloo tikki etc. are major mouth watering savories at such party dos. Authentic snacks are popular among different generations and favored by both the young as well as the old.

Chinese, Thai and many North- eastern Asian dishes have pushed itself into the Indian catering service. They are referred to as the Indochinese cuisines like fried rice, chilli chicken, gobhi manchurian and more.

Finally it’s coming this May...Gosh I am relieved.

Probably this is the news that we all were waiting for. We all were tired of millions of irrelevant results that Google threw at us every time we scouted for information. Every search yielded a flurry of unnecessary results and the huge numbers boggled and knocked us out. The need to sift and slog many a times made us go with a different keyword, which at times failed as miserably as its predecessor. Our creativity of keywords was challenged frequently when countless permutation and combination of keywords failed to help us much. We all conceded defeat and slogged to filter the innumerable results out. Poor us!

Smart SE optimisers spoilt it even further with nifty optimisation and virtual publicity. Galore of links, press releases, blog entries, vehement updates and exercises made sure that even if a person selling shoes wanted to be on top for selling potatoes on the result page, it was possible in few months. Ah bugging!!

Now call it the saviour or a hero, helping us avoid all this discomfort is a new search engine coming this May, 09,

http://www.wolframalpha.com .

A search engine that will be managed by experts of the field, will make use of the Popularity Indexing of Wikipedia and based on this intelligent computation, will show results that were most searched for a particular keyword. SEO will take a back seat for the time being with this search engine.

I personally felt, with all the mediocre knowledge I had of SEO, that contemporary search engines had left a vital backdoor entry for the spoilers though their algorithm and its knowledge. Though I agree that no one beyond the one who designed the algorithm knows it completely but observers of technology had speculated correctly on the key element of SEO. And the trouble they caused by their accurateness is evident on every search.

Wolframalpha.com seems like taking the search matrix to a new height with its smart recognition of what is being searched for. A definite boon for researchers and scholars, the results will include a more user friendly interface with graphs, tables and highly relevant text.

For a look at how it looks click here

Scroll down for more on the latest update about Ray J secret relationship

Have Cocktail and Ray J broken up?

Have Cocktail and Ray J broken up?

Have Cocktail and Ray J split?

The doubts are again increasing like a snow ball. The audience wants to know whether the relationship was only for broadcasting or it went deeper in their realities as well. Audience is feeling fooled by this farce and suspicion is fast on an avalanche.

Audience doubts probably underline their rejection and revulsion of the show’s outcome. Probably they wanted some one else to win or thought that Ray J was short of ‘Good’ options. Whatever the reason for the suspicion be, people have a consensus that the whole show was a farce.

(Read about other ‘may-be-rigged’ contests: ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ )

But all of this amuses me. A quick search in Google will clarify that people have actually started to talk about whether Cocktail and Ray J have broken up or not.

Another dimension worth highlighting could be the drilling nature and negative mentality of the audiences. Even when the couple has just started their love-life, people are more interested in reading about their break-up than their love life. Quite silly

Why can’t people let them be? Why are they interested in reading about their break-up even when they have just started? These questions just bother me to no good. I fail to understand the necessity of voyeurism.

Are we all too free, with no work and useful searches? Is Google the new tool of voyeurism?

If you are reading this, you came here because even you are one of them. Tell me the reasons of your visit. I want to know!

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The latest update (Thanks to Shianne: read her comment ) confirms that Ray J was already in a secret relationship with Tila Tequila and the show was a sham. 

History and architecture clearly interest people. Vestiges and remnants not only elucidate the erstwhile civilisation but also throw good examples of creativity and innovations. Hashima Island, a mere 15 acre rock bed off the Nagasaki island, Japan, is one such place which is drawing a lot of attention these days. The complete study has thrown clear examples of the architectural development of the place.

Initially, a coal mine, Hashima Island was a home to the densest population. Japan’s autocratic powers forced Chinese and Korean labours to populate the island and hunt for the coal.  The mines were rife so intensive labour was required at the time of World War 2. With limited space, the buildings were taller than broader. Shared bathrooms and kitchens clearly highlighted the challenge that the space threw at them. Many workers died beneath the island in the coal mines. And still lie tombed.

The latest study highlighted the presence of various facilities like theatre, doctor’s office, arcades, restaurants and bars. The dwelling gradually morphed into a thriving microscopic community with all the grass root facilities. Mitsubushi, being the owner of the island, assembled various units in their community to make it more hospitable.

With the advent of petroleum energy, the coal’s demand diminished to a level that Mitsubushi had to stop the mining and the short lived heydays of the isalnd came to a sad closure in 1974. The occupants were ferried to the mainland and Hashima Island was shut.

The island today stands in desolation encompassed by the water. The walls have caved in, the streets have become disheveled but still the structure remarkably retains the shape. The island today lives as a ghost island with few stray cats and dogs as its inhabitants.

The Japanese government has plans to make the island a ‘World Heritage Site’ and the rest of the world soon might want to be there.

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Joanna Hernandez aka cocktail has finally emerged as the winner of the show’ For the love of Ray J’.

Cocktail beats all

Cocktail beats all
Joanna Hernandez aka Cocktail earned her name in a dating competition for being a real life cocktail waitress. With a stiff competition from Danger, who was in the eye of the storm for her pregnant remarks and allegations, cocktail clearly with her cocktail mix of sensuality, flirting and some intelligence won Ray J’s heart and took him home as well.

The two got very intimate during the final dance sequence and reportedly went off camera.

But for those who missed the show, the get-together will be telecasted on 27th April, 09. Don’t miss this one. 🙂

Latest update: Ray J and Cocktail might have broken up?

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